Jan 13, 2009


It's like magic! Go to Genesis 5. It looks like a really boring genealogy from Adam to Noah. You think, "Why does God put this material in here?"

Well...surprise! The genealogy is a coded message. It'll have you LOL-ing like Jesus to think how awesome God is.

I first found out about this from Chuck Missler in his ironically titled book "Learn the Bible in 24 Hours."

Here are the names of the genealogy and their Hebrew root meanings. I say root because these names are phonetically transliterated. That is why you might run into a few bumps when looking up these names yourself in a conventional lexicon. So take it or leave it duudes. (For the full text read Genesis 5 and the Meaning of the Names in Genesis 5.)

Adam = Man
Seth = Appointed
Enosh = Mortal
Kenan = Sorrow
Mahalalel = The blessed God
Jared = Shall come down
Enoch = Teaching
Methuselah = His death shall bring
Lamech = despairing
Noah = Comfort

Put in a sentence form it looks like this:
Man appointed mortal sorrow [but] the blessed God shall come down teaching his death shall bring the despairing comfort.
That right there is the redemption plan for the human race right in the beginning of the Bible. But don't take my word for it (Acts 17:11).
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