Feb 17, 2009


The social mores of a public men's restrooms are awkward, but I think there is an opportunity available. Typically, there are way more stalls than necessary and never enough urinals. Additionally, men only use the last stall, if indeed they are not using it because all the urinals are taken. This is the reason I always choose to use the first stall, because if it is the least popular it is guaranteed to be the cleanest. Besides cleanliness there is less unnecessary communication if you use the first stall. This is true because men assume they are the only one that uses the very last stall. They will come up and rattle your door thinking no one is in there. Then they feel awkward and use the stall two doors down from you or leave after murmuring "oops, sorry" under their breath.

My solution to this awkwardness and wasted space and materials is to wipe out all the stalls except the very last one. Then replace the removed stalls with urinals (the last urinal being a comfortable distance from the "last" stall.) There will never be a need for multiple stalls because men don't use any of the remaining stalls if they are aware of another man occupying a stall. (This, of course, is not true in all situations: i.e., restrooms at sporting venues, restrooms where people are very drunk, like a sporting venue, and concerts that are held in sporting venues.) The awkwardness of rattling an occupied stall door is eliminated because you can already see the feet of the stall's occupant.

And if you really wants to prevent restroom awkwardness the installation of vacancy feature can be of great help. This feature would be placed inside the stall wall facing the restroom door. When you step into the stall (after closing and locking the stall door) you will slide down a board that is the length of the stall wall. On the side facing toward the restroom door would be a picture of a two legs wearing a pair of generic tennis shoes concealing the true identity of the occupant.

Feb 16, 2009

7" Too Deep

With this post I run the risk of my blog being found by my peers. I know they (one for sure, possibly two) have Google Alerts set up for this type of stuff. Here goes nothing...

The Kanetown
City Rips
by jumbling towers