Aug 8, 2009

Gift Notes

This is an old post I found back from April 4, 2009. I liked the premise behind it, but I delivered it very poorly. I remember wanting to replace the sequence of events with a clever drawing; however, I would never have the time to do that. That's probably why it sat in "draft-mode" for this long. -- Jobby Lobby
The idea of a card attached to a gift makes perfect sense. It describes who gave the gift and the giver can even mention the motivation behind giving it (i.e., I really appreciate your friendship, here's a gift.) However, the card has adopted discrete, complex moores since its inception.

I've witnessed many present exchanges and many of them (especially when there are family friends, or especially distant relatives involved) go like this:

Receive gift with smile > Look down at gift > Look back at giver with another smile and say "you shouldn't have" while you open the card > Skim card for at least five seconds (if note is long read first sentence of each paragraph and wait an additional five seconds) > Look back at giver for third time and thank them for the card > Open gift wrapping slowly > When gift is 85% unwrapped pause and lift the gift, open and inhale loud enough to make a soft noise > Make eye contact again and thank them for the gift > Finish unwrapping > Show others in the room > Set aside gently to show that you care for the gift > Repeat all these steps for next gift.

Don't make any rookie mistakes like forgetting to designate someone to jot down the gift and the givers name to thank them later that same day in person and again in a small card within a week.