Nov 19, 2009


I have a weird embarrassment of eating at work. Mostly because I'm embarrassed to bring food in from home. I'm not sure why. It shouldn't be embarrassing, but it just really irks me. I've recently forced myself to bring food from home to work. The best I can do is bring frozen food, because, for some reason, that seems less embarrassing.

Today, I microwaved pizza bread (an embarrassing high school cafeteria choice) that is not meant for the microwave. You can't cut this pizza you have to saw it into pieces. After rushing back to my desk to eat (didn't want to be caught eating that) I realized that eating at my desk is also embarrassing if you consider the awful smell I'm sharing with the rest of the office.

I ended up dropping the pizza on my shirt and then on the floor. Both very embarrassing. Now I have a sloppy pizza stain on my shirt for the remaining of the day.

Thankfully, God provided and multiplied the remaining pepperoni dices into leftover Chevy's from a meeting. That wasn't embarrassing to eat because I didn't bring it in.

Nov 5, 2009

Music Review Over Goolge Voice

Update Nov 6: After listening to the album more than once, I've changed my opinion. Here's the transcription:
[A]nd speaking company reps it's sick
Just finished up listening to the newest Jumbling Towers* album, The Kanetown City Rips, on the commute this morning to work. I decided to narrate the review over Google Voice.

Here's the transcript:
Alright. I just want to do it. Sorry I forgot I had to the V8 much better. Wed message of a local voice. I just listened 2 join Towers allowable picking account. If you have all the way through and I'm sorry, I thought if you get a yet, so you can capture my initial boss possible voice. Although always do that. But anyway, what what I expected a call. Hey with certainly not what you do conflict, but providing a job on our cellphone. I've got the worst able I book with you'll. But I helpful. Like I think over. I think I like the all the parts and that sounds over a hot a lot, bye bye bye and although the happiness is it is. It's good that I think. But I still prefer that were South first problem. Just try to lay it works with that the concerts all the copies of the boys but within that noble German Towers. I don't know. I don't think it would work here. So, but I think you just really through because of the loop really. Or if you ask. I can't believe this one for us. Stupid. That's how important Thanks traffic items and freaking out what I have the Pacific. Thanks.
*So I don't get an $11,000 fine from the FTC here's my material relationship with this endorsement: I went to school with them. And here's my disclaimer: Promotional copy of The Kanetown City Rips for review was granted gratis by Money Buckets, LLC to the reviewer.