Nov 5, 2009

Music Review Over Goolge Voice

Update Nov 6: After listening to the album more than once, I've changed my opinion. Here's the transcription:
[A]nd speaking company reps it's sick
Just finished up listening to the newest Jumbling Towers* album, The Kanetown City Rips, on the commute this morning to work. I decided to narrate the review over Google Voice.

Here's the transcript:
Alright. I just want to do it. Sorry I forgot I had to the V8 much better. Wed message of a local voice. I just listened 2 join Towers allowable picking account. If you have all the way through and I'm sorry, I thought if you get a yet, so you can capture my initial boss possible voice. Although always do that. But anyway, what what I expected a call. Hey with certainly not what you do conflict, but providing a job on our cellphone. I've got the worst able I book with you'll. But I helpful. Like I think over. I think I like the all the parts and that sounds over a hot a lot, bye bye bye and although the happiness is it is. It's good that I think. But I still prefer that were South first problem. Just try to lay it works with that the concerts all the copies of the boys but within that noble German Towers. I don't know. I don't think it would work here. So, but I think you just really through because of the loop really. Or if you ask. I can't believe this one for us. Stupid. That's how important Thanks traffic items and freaking out what I have the Pacific. Thanks.
*So I don't get an $11,000 fine from the FTC here's my material relationship with this endorsement: I went to school with them. And here's my disclaimer: Promotional copy of The Kanetown City Rips for review was granted gratis by Money Buckets, LLC to the reviewer.
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