Feb 2, 2010

Don't Multilate My Mop Top

In the winter of 2002 at a high school party a six-foot tall, three-foot wide hardbody tried to pound me and my friend for looking like the Beatles (the Beatles at that time and for that age group wear still described as a "this is gay" and "my dad listens to that music"). I recall what I was wearing pretty well: a ribbed moss-green turtleneck sweater. I had the typical ratty high school shag. My buddy was most likely wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled, also sporting a mop top. Thankfully before my friend and I were mauled, my brother being friends with the hardbody, interceded on our behalf and thwarted our first beating (one of many future near-misses).

I have no hard feelings against the guy. Not only was it eight years ago, but we were less cool looking than we thought. And, I don't doubt we held some air of pretentiousness. But, I am happy to see this picture of him.

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